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Punk Love is a unique document of the birth of the early Washington, D.C., punk movement. At once intimate and authentic, definitive and iconic, Susie J. Horgan's photographs of such hardcore legends as Minor Threat, S.O.A., and the Teen Idles reflect the fun, the honesty, and the integrity of a movement whose optimism still resonates today.

Celebrating music and a community bound together since 1980, Susie J. Horgan's largely unpublished images were taken as a friend and participant on the music scene, rather than as a journalist, and remain an exceptional contribution to the history of punk.

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Words from Friends

Subject: its about love
Thanks for the copy of the book -- Ian brought it to the Beecher st. diner last night. I wanted to get in touch immediately to tell you how great it turned out. Without getting overly-precious, it is perfect in its particular and humble look at something truly specific and primary -- for us and for you. It's uncontaminated by slavish over-referencing or contextualizing -- something that folks get hung up on, trying to be "honest", as if their own REAL experience was somehow a conceit. Perfect size, perfect in concept, excellent in final product. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to seeing you in February.

uh, love,

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